Sound acoustics

Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichtentechnik und Akustik

BILAN - Measurement technique via LAN

BiLAN is a universal bidirectional audio tester for functional test and quality evaluation of PCs, embedded systems, electro acoustic components and signal processing software


BiLAN provides programs for simple quality evaluation of wave files up to the quality evaluation of a product at the far end during a real time network connection. Bidirectional standard IP-RTP audio streaming is supported.


Representative statements about quality influencing measures, real time indication of signals and spectra and automatic error tracing support research, development and customer service in getting on with up to ninety percentage less effort compared with conventional methods.


The implementation of the core algorithms of BiLAN concerning diagnostic, quality evaluation and error tracing into audio products for improved product release, maintenance and service might lead to a remarkable high increase of reliability and cost reduction.

BILAN representations


Far end partner

Transfer function

Of the far end Headset