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LRZ-System Dan Popek - Boogie



Compensated Dan Popek Boogie

ELACOMP was developed by Sound acoustics as a principle for the compensation of an impulse response.


ELACOMP evaluates the properties of an unknown system and compensates the found error without latency with excellent results. Bass sounds dry and music clean with remarkable enhanced speech intelligibility.


The compensation of an LRZ system can be carried out for each channel differently or for a group of loudspeakers as common system.

The impulse response of a Loudspeaker-Room-Listener (LRZ) System is not ideal in most cases. The playback sounds unarticulated, dull or shrill leading to decreased intelligibility particularly for speech and so leads frequently to an increased echo and reverberation problem. An impulse at the loudspeaker input will be received from a listener as a series of superimposed impulses with different magnitude and phase due to the transfer characteristics of the loudspeaker and the signal convolution by the room acoustics.

The application of the principle is suitable for all transmission systems, which might introduce error into the impulse response leading to quality degradations of the signal of interest.

The ELACOMP-principle is suitable for the integration into existing systems (embedded) and is also available as ELACOMP_W software solution for all current Windows operating systems.