Sound acoustics

Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichtentechnik und Akustik

HASQUE Training

Introduction into HASQUE measurement systems   (about 42 minutes)



Measurement principles

Psycho acoustics, Natural frequency-spatial transformation

Psycho acoustic functions

Simulation of human hearing properties with HASQUE

Subjective versus objective Quality evaluation


HASQUE measurement systems

Offline measurement system for post processed recordings,

Software solution Real time kit

,Real time solution with HASQUE - Hardware

From offline to real time evaluation

Test programs for hardware tests and interface adaptation

Programmable measurement control

Error detection with one view



HASQUE basic equipment and measurement systems

Recommendations for reliable quality evaluation  (about 20 minutes)



Procedural measurement tolerances

Quality differences by reference recordings

Quality differences by TETRA Codec

Phase dependent measurement tolerances with TETRA CODEC
Steps for the reduction of procedural tolerances 


Hardware errors

Distortion free hardware wiring

Hardware test  for quick hardware check

Hardware test program Level and distortions

Error diagnostic with Bartlett burst

Recognition and elimination of hardware errors in frequency domain


Hardware settings

Influence of operating conditions

Automatic Level Adaptation




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Programmable Errortracer with HASQUE Error Finger Print principle (about 15 minutes)



Expenses for an error diagnosis

Selection of critical test cases

Perception of distortions caused by „funk holes“

Perception of distortions caused by „cell reselection“


HEFP - Error recognition

HEFP – Finger Prints of different error sources


Error classification and capturing of finger prints

Wizard aided capturing and test of a new error type

Errortracer measurement with new classified error

Errortracer results with a new classified error

Verification and enhancement of the error recognition rate



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