Sound acoustics

Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichtentechnik und Akustik

Measurement principles
 source codes

Following principles can be made available on request:


DelaySp – efficient audio delay estimation (350 Instruktionen).

Special correlation analysis for delay time estimation between an original signal and a distorted signal with time shifted  content of the original signal..

Standard deviation 1,25 ms at time variant noise (babble) , or  < 0,5ms (Car) at stationary noise.


HumanTrain – Adaptives noise filter

This principle reduces stationary noise portions according to psycho acoustic rules and is tuned to a natural training of the human hearing system with the aid of subjective listening test results of various applications.


AbsLoudness – Absolute loudness measurement

Measurement principle for the determination of the absolute loudness related to the threshold in quiet.


TrainLoudness – Relative loudness measurement 

Measurement principle for the determination of the relative loudness related to the masked threshold.


TimeMasking – Masking in time domain 

Measurement principle for the determination of the dynamic and noise trained masked threshold based on psycho acoustic properties of the human hearing system in time domain.


HaAnalysis – Hearing adequate frequency analysis

Frequency analysis with frequency dependent time response and natural frequency distribution according to the human hearing system.


LocToFrq and FreqtoLoc – frequency place transformers

… and many other psycho acoustic functions