Sound acoustics

Ingenieurbüro für Nachrichtentechnik und Akustik

Test programs for
digital signal processing tasks

Sound acoustics owns an algorithm library for digital signal processing tasks. These modules are easy to implement and to combine with other algorithms to complex functions or systems.

We offer concept proposals and solutions in conjunction with customer requirements. Desired functions are optimized concerning low computational power and memory effort.


Solutions can be made available as:

 *source codes



executable programs

The listed programs below are only an extract of available functions. The indicated numbers of instructions are row estimated without the usage of combined arithmetic functions (MAC). The necessary computational effort is sample rate dependent and can be derived easily by the multiplication with the sample rate (e.g. 125 instructions correspond to 1 MIPS at 8 kHz sampling rate).


SANORE – Noise reduction (375 instructions )

Application: PC, speech recognizer, telecommunication

Variable sampling rate

Adjustable noise reduction degree(0-80dB)

High SNR (up to 50dB) by a new noise portion estimator

Enhancement of the recognition rate  50% at low SNR (0dB)

Speech pause suppression (selectable) for packetized speech transmission and speech recognition systems

NORE_T – Noise reduction (65 instructions)

Application: PC, speech recognizer, telecommunication

Enhancement of the recognition rate  50% at low SBR (0dB)

No signal delay

SAEC1 – Echo and Noise reduction (< 125 instructions)

Application: Telecommunication systems with ERL>6dB (acoustic and line echoes)

ITU -T G168 compliant

Adjustable ERLE 20..60 dB

CVSD Codec ( Eurocom D1) for 16 and 32 kBit/sec (200 instructions /Bit).

…and other combinations of efficient algorithms



Interested people are provided with a demo version for a small cost share. The cost share depends on the effort of the desired task and the availability of the desired interfacing. The demo program can be made available as a command controlled executable or as a windows program. Windows programs are fitted with universal interfacing of sound cards. Real time operation and parallel recording of the input and output data stream (windows PCM with *.wav header) is supported.


Sound acoustics is obliged to treat customer’s inquiries confidentially. 

*Source codes from Sound acoustics are only provided in conjunction with a non disclosure agreement between the customer and Sound acoustics.