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HASQUE measurement systems

HASQUE® measurement systems are designed for hearing adequate objective quality evaluation of audio and telecommunication systems by Listening test simulation.  The core principle simulates the listening properties of the human hearing system with the aid of a Cochlea transformation which compares  in and output of the system under test. HASQUE operates within the whole available bandwidth of a sampled system without band limitation and evaluates background noise according to hearing adequate properties.


A natural simulation of subjective listening tests can be performed by controllable listening test parameters as playback loudness, bandwidth and threshold of acceptance. These parameters can be determined individually and are decisive for a high correlation (typ. >90%) with subjective listening tests. A preset for known listening tests according to the requirements

The scaling of the quality measures can be determined individually (e. g. 0 -100% , 1 - 5 MOS..), whereas a pre set for the scaling according to ITU-T P.862 is available.

Each measurement system is fitted with statistic functions for the examination of measurement series. The indicated distribution functions of the MOS, signal delay and speech interrupts make easy conclusions about the properties of the system under test without difficulties possible.

The representations of single results in time domain with visible audible distortions and the indication of the transfer function make detailed examinations of single test cases and zoomed parts of it possible.


HASQUE measurement systems are used among others by the „Bundesanstalt für den Digitalfunk der Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben“ (BDBOS) for certification of digital radio devices and control centres.


Offline listening test simulator for quality evaluation of audio and telecommunication systems based on PCM recordings.


Real time listening test simulation with HASQUE



Ž 24 Bit 48 kHz A/D converter

Ž Hardware tester for quick test of the terminal under test

Ž Automatic parameterization of the signal interfaces for precise and reproducible quality measures.

Ž Programmable measurement processes with easy task editor.

Ž PTT (Push To Talk) interface for terminals with PTT key control.

Ž Play back

Ž Further features see HASQUEw


Product info: HASQUE_R.pdf

Real time listening test simulator HASQUE based



Ž Windows conform PCM 16 Bit (*.wav)

Ž Programmable listening test conditions

Ž File List Editor for individual collections

Ž RST file processing

Ž Single test case processing

Ž Play back via audio devices (Sound card)

Ž Results: MOS, Signal delay, speech interrupts, audible distortions, frequency response,

Ž Programmable scaling (ITU-T P.862, ITU-T P.863,percent, individual …)


Produktinfo: HASQUE_W.pdf


Real time listening test simulator for bidirectional quality evaluation of audio and telecommunication systems at the analogue interfaces.



Implementation of another algorithms as e.g. POLQA (ITU-T P.863) on request.


HASQUE Training: